Tuesday, 17 May 2011

theres a problem with thinking

Out there in that vast boundless landscape we think of as the world a unstoppable machine seem stoppable machine is messing up the diversity of what and how we see the place we call culture and by definition the world.A monster invented in America is now running uncontrollable into our minds and therefore our sense of being.America is an invention with a history of destruction.Hollywood is the place where the imagination of the monster is allowed to satisfy its omnipotence.A corporate monster stalks the dreams and is turning us into our imagined selves rather than our real selves.Something nasty is brewing in our minds and we don't understand its hold on our place in the world.
All the old dictators have vanished into the pit of historic forgetfulness. But we still glory in a belief that a world controlled from by invisible forces is a world never to return. Capitalism uncontrollable rise is taking over from the old formula of dictatorships in a manner which hides its troubled sense of "end of history"
Corporate identity is now our identify,America gave us the monster and we except its dreams whilst turning them into our desires.Slavery is back again in a different guise. We are passive slaves who have allowed the new masters to pour shit over our heads whilst daily feeding us a whole series of con tricks. We buy the the lie in order to dream our desires. Something is going wrong in a landscape which appears more and more like a cartoon invention. Do we really now believe there is no alternative?
Dragging ourselves into the lie is what makes us slaves to the new master.Is it possible we have become afraid to think? Does it make sense that our realities are not owned by us any longer?

At last

At last I can start blogging again....something went wrong and now its back on form....Iv missed me blog..

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

walking before returning.

In order to satisfy my angry curiosity I took a walk down along the Mall, up to Buckingham Palace in order to catch a glimpse of the remains of the wedding event. Funny how people still hover about outside that vast,empty structure. A really ugly building more suited to tin pot dictators rather than a modern monarchy. And this is the problem,there can be no such political institution in the modern world which demands that the people are subjects rather than citizens.The aura of utter emptiness which confronted me symbolises the futilely of how we are governed....Back to culture...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

the wedding

It wasn't so much that the wedding took place rather,it was the fact that it represented the same old ritual. Nothing changes. This ritualised event is a fossilised celebration of hyper stupidity. One aspect stands out above all others. The balcony. Old dictators love the power of the balcony.Its a symbolic reference point which signifies power over the subject. We are still subject to the idea of SUBJECT. Some day the belief in citizenship and the role of citizen will prevail. When that day arrives, then a real celebration may take place.