Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The question is why the neglect from the media?Part of the answer can be found in the mentality of media reporting.Carnival is a resistance to a middle class mind set.When Carnival first appeared on the streets of Notting Hill the area was a slum owned by slum landlords,now its a place of privileged upper class families,who prefer to party in some one elses back yard for instance Reading or Glastonbury,safe havens where the amount of mud in the field is just as important as the musiac being delivered.
Carnival is about disruption,its mindset demands high octane fun and in your face partying,also there is a history of confrontation with authority.And its in this historical context that Carnival and the media has to be viewed.
Carnival is a collective act taking place within an atomised ,cultural ,climate.The participants are not seeking a celebrity exposure,they are enjoying the collective moment.
And remember these are the very people who keep the welfare state functioning,these are the unsung heroes who's art is more authentic than most media driven quest for instant fame and individual self glorification. And these are the people who are about to reap the carnage of the Conservative Coalitions onslaught into the very fabric of our life....

peoples art

Another year in the history of Carnival goes by without so much as a nod of appreciation in the media.Why is this?Is there something resembling snobbery in our sense of what real popular culture means.Carnival is the only time street theatre actually take to the streets on such a scale ,its the only time an event focusing an actual working class culture expresses its self on this level of commitment,maybe its the only true democratic art form which offers up any resemblance towards resistance to excepted "norms" of conventional cultural industry constructs.Carnivals total lack of respect from the established cultural mind set must mean its importance as an act of working class commitment to a democratic art form still posses the ability to disturb the values of a predominately bourgeois ideal of art and social representation of the other.
Carnival is an historic event born out of a struggle to combat racism and to inform the stus quo,that the days Britain's imperial role was coming to an end.Carnival celebrated the arrival of a new world. Its survival as a celebration of cultural struggle and class counteraction continues a struggle which began at the near end of empire phase of this Islands history.So why the neglect

Sunday, 29 August 2010

whats dave up to

the kingdom appears to be led by a man with a serious personality disorder.Dave,our needy leader, gives the impression of a man in need of a life.For some unknown reason he wants the nation to view him as an "action man"and a loving father.The fact he looks a complete idiot seems to have by passed his vanity.Even the slushy photo of him gazing into the face of his new born child doesn't really have the air of authenticity.What is behind the facade?
Well we only need to look at the photos of him jogging with our boys in Afghanistan.Certainly he looks daft,buts its the expression on the faces of the men he is jogging with which gives the game away.Look closely at their gaze.What is amusing is a mixed sense of bewilderment and anger which is in evidence in their looks towards the great athlete they are privileged to be running with.What we don't know is how much this boys own adventure cost the tax payer.Because the guys Dave is jogging with are not your regular "Tommy".No way,those men would have fully pumped up SAS trained killers and they don't come cheap.
Dave running around in a compound somewhere in Afghanistan was a sick publicity stunt.What goes on his head?Theres a bloody awful war going on and He decides to have a jog! He looks oblivious to the reality he is in that moment in time.For Dave its all about "his moment"Its a complete act of Narcissism,he is oblivious to other individuals external existence.He operates with his own inner vision and needs desperately to project that vision of himself onto the outside world.He is a demanding child in permanent need of reassurance.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

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Friday, 20 August 2010

TV Culture

Seems like Iv been away for ages I have trying to get my mind around this Government. its time we got real and stop referring to the present bunch of fanatical monetarists as the Conservative Gov.the idea of a coalition is simply stupid and a con.Their concept of culture is balanced by a need to pacify the rising interest of the of "culture" among the young middle class voters.Basically its depply Conservative and doesent show any sign of improving.What appears to de happening is an exceptance of the status quo,what we see now is nothing more than a reash of previous cultural ideas only now they have been coloniesed by this heavy involvment of TV which appears to dominate most of the "debate"around "culture"Its nothing more than old constructs dressed up as something new.Culture becomes nothing more than a gloosy magazine presentation which elevates supposed popular values above experimentation.
The other day I made some attempt at watching the Culture Show on BBC2,it was nothing more than an advert for the Edinburough festival which is nothing more than a tourist attraction.Its value as an event remains unquestionable, and this is a problem,this inability to question is,and must be seen as a dangerous turning point regarding the value and substance of creativity.
Creativity is now associated with fashion and the lastest Hollywood Blockbuster,cultural shows on TV rely on slick presentation and celebratity with the occasonal nod towards "Brit Art".This state of affairs must be a good thing.Culture grows ,TV and media in general represents the influx of money into creativity,this influx undermines the urge to challange,sometimes destruct the values of the prevailing culture,money and presentation bock out any notion of challange.
We must have the couarage to explore and question with the dominance of desire and money hovering in the shadows.Creativity must go underground again.Without the voice of reistance culture will be dominated by a class of indivduals who seek only a gap year of pleasure and cultural tourism with knowing the value of culture...

Friday, 6 August 2010


artists,true artists,must under stand the power of capital,no artist can work outside the mechanism of the financial empire which is destroying this culture,to turn away from a critique of finance is to turn away from the reality of the mind and the struggle inherent within the political reality.After all we are all born into a political world and the world will become more political.The right is rampant at the moment,Liberalism is nothing more than right wing ideology in sheep's clothing.Brit Art is creative abomination. A gulf is opening up and creativity needs to rekindle its focus and energy into a force of resistance and rediscover its spiritual energy.Its not to late.Something called a fight is needed,Brit Art was never a fight,it was a sham...