Tuesday, 31 August 2010

peoples art

Another year in the history of Carnival goes by without so much as a nod of appreciation in the media.Why is this?Is there something resembling snobbery in our sense of what real popular culture means.Carnival is the only time street theatre actually take to the streets on such a scale ,its the only time an event focusing an actual working class culture expresses its self on this level of commitment,maybe its the only true democratic art form which offers up any resemblance towards resistance to excepted "norms" of conventional cultural industry constructs.Carnivals total lack of respect from the established cultural mind set must mean its importance as an act of working class commitment to a democratic art form still posses the ability to disturb the values of a predominately bourgeois ideal of art and social representation of the other.
Carnival is an historic event born out of a struggle to combat racism and to inform the stus quo,that the days Britain's imperial role was coming to an end.Carnival celebrated the arrival of a new world. Its survival as a celebration of cultural struggle and class counteraction continues a struggle which began at the near end of empire phase of this Islands history.So why the neglect

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