Sunday, 27 June 2010

it takes time

it takes time,but the truth is emerging,the budget is a disaster for the poor,we never learn the historical lesson ,the tories only ever look after their own.We only have to look at the make up of the front bench 18 milionaires,15 Oxbridge graduates and 13 educated in private schools, and what did this elite give us? A blood bath on the poor.
This is an ideologically_motivated Gov,with a salesman at the helm,they are plundering the public purse simply to push foreward unaccountable,risk prone,profit driven economic programme....the same programmes which gave us this mess inthe first place.
Simply we need a programme of mass moblisation,forget what we read in the press about the "riots " in Greece,these are mass protests which put fear into the hearts of the elite.
Can this country rise to the challange?
So far the sun and the football have worked its magic and drugged the populance into a sleepy summer day might start to cloud over very soon.We must join the the battle

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

the day after....

So now we know exactly what the coalition had in mind,you see I believe this set up occurred during the election.We have been coned by a class coup and what we have now is an attack on the whole welfare state.This is all about privatisation.this country will under go some kind of experimentation,a form of shock therapy.Behind the fine words is the iron grip of privatisation.The Welfare State is going to be dismantled and sold of at a cheap price. A budget designed to show the city that the country is open for the super sale of the country's assets.This budget is a sell off budget.We are becoming more and more American in our social out look.But we must be honest,New Labour began the process,now the blood bath is about to descend.
Low pay, no union representation,no workers rights,backwards into the distant past.
this country is ruled by a cabal of unelected individuals who's claim to fame is predicting the mystical flows of the market place,economics is not a science.Its a dodgy a theory which manages to convince sane people that it is based on fact!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

cat in the park

this afternoon I spent a wonderful time in Myatts Fields Park,a community event organised by a group of artists in conjunction with Stockwall Good Neighbours.Icouldent help thinking about what the Gov is going to hit us with on Tues.Was I looking at an event which is going to be the last of its kind or was I witnessing some new kind of community gathering.
The Cons and the Libs are going to carve us up,will we allow that to happen ? I think not.Maybe the people know more about action and togetherness than I give them credit for Alphi

Saturday, 19 June 2010

once upon a time

once upon a time in the kingdom an idea took hold which said that working in the public sector was a noble cause and then came along a group of aliens who said the only way to be human is to make lots of money and sod everyone else.
And that's what happen,then one day things went all wrong and the kingdom had no money and the aliens blamed the workers,whilst at the same time they themselves still made lots and lots of money,but said the aliens the workers are hopeless and need to vanish......that's what happened

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

bloody Sunday

At last the truth is out!! the cover up is exposed. No one on the main land understood what was going on way back then.In many ways this was the last throw of the dice by the British Empire.It was murder on a vast scale.what now the right wing press who never wanted this murder enquiry to go ahead ?
Even this morning they where arguing about the cost of the whole proceedings. The fact that 12 innocent people where shot dead doesn't enter their warped sense of self righteousness.

Monday, 14 June 2010

the says "dont get fooled again"

Something stinks in the lib/con coalition.Something about treating us, the people,like simpletons.When did the agreement really take place?Suddenly Clegg gives the impression of a man who,at last as found his true home.Politically the Libs are neo cons.There is no denying this reality.But worse still they are locked into a coup.
This Kingdom is now ruled over by a group of privileged white men.Millionaires and privately educated these men live under the impression that they SHOULD rule over us. And lets not hold back on the truth ,these cuts need not happen.this is a coup!!We are under the rule of men who have no idea who we are or what we think and feel.
This is an experiment to undo the welfare state.These people live in fear of the bankers and the IMF,they don't know the meaning of reality.Neither does England.We have gone backwards.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

cats in the theatre

Earlier in the day I was asked a very simple question,whats the value of theatre? good question.In today's tinsel town ideology I would argue that theatre is of value.But what meaning does it have? What is theatre in a market driven culture? Does it have meaning?What ritual does it perform if any? I'm going back to talk with this young man, I need to understand why he is asking this important question.
There was mention of "management"Culture and management should not co exist art and management is more suited to this present cultural atmosphere,theres something of the individualistic,conservatism which informs today's discourse around the notion"art".Culture as been consumed into a meaningless concoction of fantasy side shows which appears to embrace any thing under the label of cooperative entertainment
Art and culture are separate enteritis,never the less they should have one over riding ambition in common and that is to question society,even to the point of educating society.Art should be outside the norms and values of the existing elite,even though the elites will attempt to dominate the "outside"Culture is better placed to question the values of the elite.
Culture is fluid,its should reclaim its original meaning,and that is to nurture,Where does nurture fit into the values of today's atomised,globalised societies?Nurture is an act of survival it is also an act of rebellious confusions...More latter Im offto a Carnival jump up!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

cat in the countryside

On Monday 31st may I attempted a walk from London to Brighton nice try and a fun day walking through Middle England .Culture stands still in the country side,but this is the image people visualise when England is mentioned. The thatched cottage we know about,but its the other world we for get,the world of difference,the world trapped in its invented histories,and the world blinked by its whiteness.
On the walk was a guy from Zimbabwe he noticed the sideways glances first,the ultra polite
smile,the cold look,the expressed surprise about walking in the countryside.
We where walking in a strange land.England is a divided land.