Wednesday, 23 June 2010

the day after....

So now we know exactly what the coalition had in mind,you see I believe this set up occurred during the election.We have been coned by a class coup and what we have now is an attack on the whole welfare state.This is all about privatisation.this country will under go some kind of experimentation,a form of shock therapy.Behind the fine words is the iron grip of privatisation.The Welfare State is going to be dismantled and sold of at a cheap price. A budget designed to show the city that the country is open for the super sale of the country's assets.This budget is a sell off budget.We are becoming more and more American in our social out look.But we must be honest,New Labour began the process,now the blood bath is about to descend.
Low pay, no union representation,no workers rights,backwards into the distant past.
this country is ruled by a cabal of unelected individuals who's claim to fame is predicting the mystical flows of the market place,economics is not a science.Its a dodgy a theory which manages to convince sane people that it is based on fact!!

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