Monday, 14 June 2010

the says "dont get fooled again"

Something stinks in the lib/con coalition.Something about treating us, the people,like simpletons.When did the agreement really take place?Suddenly Clegg gives the impression of a man who,at last as found his true home.Politically the Libs are neo cons.There is no denying this reality.But worse still they are locked into a coup.
This Kingdom is now ruled over by a group of privileged white men.Millionaires and privately educated these men live under the impression that they SHOULD rule over us. And lets not hold back on the truth ,these cuts need not happen.this is a coup!!We are under the rule of men who have no idea who we are or what we think and feel.
This is an experiment to undo the welfare state.These people live in fear of the bankers and the IMF,they don't know the meaning of reality.Neither does England.We have gone backwards.

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