Saturday, 29 May 2010

the cat and the diggers

Art takes on a new angle down in Westminster a small group of activists have taken over the so called "Green" and set up a peace camp facing the Gothic Horror called Parliament.Now this is art, this where culture should be heading.A glorious reenactment of Gerald Winstanleys Utopian collective,a group who went by the name of "Diggers" at last art and culture is colliding into a direct confrontation with the elite classes who for the past 15 years have produced only advertising techniques parceled up into a box of wealthy treats.Something wonderful is taking place outside that decrepit monster.Something called chaos,something which disrupts the sensibilities of lorry drivers,public, and politicians,its a true protest and its authentic agit prop!!
A wonderful mish mass of ideology and hand me down propaganda.An improvised adventure playground which seems to know exactly where to aim the shit.Above all this is a dream scape with a mission.It wants to inform the public about US.US the people,we the people who have been sleep walking into our own private nightmares,this is ART and reality.Its a free platform.You may not like it but at least its got guts,naivety,commitmentment,honesty and human dignity.This should be the new direction.
The tourists don't mind it one bit.On the continent they do things differently.Maybe they appriciate the true value of cultueral action.

Monday, 24 May 2010

dreams from the cat

Maybe the truth is out at last.Art and Culture sold out to the greed and ugliness of the past 20 years.Bleak and self satisfying cliques formed elitists coalitions in a sickening scramble for recognition from an even more demeaning elite, the stone faces of dysfunctional billion and millionaires.
Brit Art is dead !! An advertising movement created by an arch conservative offered nothing to society The media loved the whole spectacle.It wasn't political,was simply naughty,it was a movement with no sense of history,mostly patriarchal and very suburban and very right ring.Anti intellectual sentiments played into the lazy post modern formula which almost embraced the surface only mentality of "fashion fascism".
In its rush to be seen as being anti elitist Brit Art worshipped at the shit encrusted feet of the old establishment. It offered nothing original except self promotion and new advertising techniques.

Friday, 21 May 2010

one idea

Three o'clock in the morning and a simplistic fact drifted through the sleepy,dreamy ,anxiety.The Kingdom is ruled by two men who are really very dysfunctional,and ,no matter what their buddies suggest in the media,are not good leaders. Cameron should have walked the election,his ability as a salesman are good,but they are not brilliant. He had an open goal,and missed the opportunity,Why?
Well the media,which had a bad election,wont go into any serious analyses,they didn't get the result they wanted,and now give the impression of floating on a becalmed sea waiting for life support to appear on some distant horizon.
What about Cleeg?In reality he lead his party to a very bad result indeed.Why is there no talk concerning "what went wrong?"The Libs must know they fared badly,one ok performance on tv doesn't make a half decent leader
This love in concerns class and education and privilege,may be the history books will uncover a dirtylittle secret,the deal was done during the second week of the campaign.?

the summer of love

This unnatural love affair being played out in the public domain by the over hyper political buddies reminds me of the summer of love.All very dreamy and other worldly.Then along came Charlie Manson and the world turned upside down.Maybe Ashcroft is lurking in the shadows.How does he feel?He spent millions on raving nutters getting into Parliament and wakes up to find hippies in his bed!!Shit this is hell.
Hats off to the toffs.Old money rules again!
Always remember,most hippies where privileged bastards playing at revolution,they slummed in the mud of music festivals and played with drugs in Nottinghill Gate before going home to mum and dad.The reality became to real for them.Now their off springs are making out they are just like us.Indeed some of those off springs are ruling over us..Oh God.Hell really is empty.Its a fine day in the Highlands.Work that one out!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

strange times

so the collation goes on,more a upper class love,two men from the same social class,two white men unrepresentative of a modern democracy, once opposed to each other,now bonded by the will to power.This is a class coup.Its a minor revolution gone unnoticed in the media.What is the future of this coming together?Suddenly politics is about class.Just because these two men give the appearance of being very amenable,dosent suggest the future is going to be all a public school boy get together.Icant see this stitch up continuing in its present state.

Monday, 17 May 2010

dont worry

Don't worry folks this is only the beginning.Osborne and the Lib Dems are really going to give to us.This is pay back time, the liberal elite are going to show their true colours.Forget the idea about how nice the liberals are,or,where,this lot are a cut from the same cloth as their new masters.They will soon be no different from the Cons, in the end power corrupts all people,but the weak soon give into its seductive embrace much faster than those who believe they are in titled to rule over us.
The Leb Dems may even be far worse than Cons.
Why not?Its power stupid.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

same story.No change at the top.

Spent the past few days enjoying the mess of the new politics more like "the big tent"idea.Still the media enjoyed another round of "lets make fantasy exciting.I simply love the way they stand in empty streets imagining what might be going on behind closed doors.
But lets ask ourselves a question,these people got ,almost, everything wrong during the media campaign,that's a fact.Now, how comes they ear still in work?
These creeps attack M.P.s whilst themselves clinging to there creepy jobs.
Self important nerds will have a ball for the next few months making up more gossip,then, hopefully, they may start to vanish into what ever sewer they crawled out from.
Lots of my friend's are depressed because we will have to put up with Big Head Cameron for the next few years.Shit these people dont know what depression is.GET UP AND FIGHT!!
Come on these pamperd creeps should be made mince meat.they are lead by a sad man seeking reality from yhr only job he ever held,and that was"a sales man"Image mangement" soon turns into a nightmare...Watch this space

Monday, 10 May 2010

democracy and we still dont get it

spent some time watching the news.Why bother.We still don't get it.Times are changing,but our friends in the old time media still live by the old script.Mostly self obsessed middle aged white men blowing hot and cold coming out with very odd ideas whilst standing in front of closed doors and imagining what might be going on behind them.Mad,Surreal,and arrogant.
And I don't remember a thing these over inflated egos spoke about.It was all about them.Who listens to them any way.The echo chamber still echos to the sound of its own voice.Next time the media holds one of its debates bring in the other party's.London isn't England and England isn't Britain.
The talking heads need to understand this little reality.God why are they so boring.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

we still dont get it

So the great debate continues and we still don't get it.Cameron and clan are stuck in some space between disbelief and disparate disquiet,they simply don't get it!The people don't trust you lot your to arrogant you try to hard to look and behave like the rest of of us and it don't look right, you see birth still counts in this country,and you lot are to privileged to think in normal terms.
But still large sections of the country wanted you lot in, so something is not right!
Oh well let the struggle continue.
Smug bastards still might rule over us ......are we really thick?

Friday, 7 May 2010

its over for now

So the media party is over.
Is it me,maybe it is me,but if i was member of the Cons i wouldn't be over joyed with last nights results.
They don't get it.Never did never will.They will never, ever ,understand the idea of radical change.Just look them at and cry,not out of pity, rather out of false hope.These Cons wont know what the coming storm will deliver. Arrogance will undo there sense of entitlement.
But look at the media.Its old and past it sell by date.Yet we listen and watch and believe they have some deeper insight into the secrets of the political landscape. The media is more out of touch than the politicians...more on this at a latter.I don't feel as bad as i thought i would feel.The Cons cant be to happy,labour isn't yet dead and the Lib Dems still live in cloud cuckoo land!
Our system isn't, yet, coming to terms with the changing attitudes of the population Maybe the population haven't come to terms with its own ability to effect CHANGE...I don't know I'm tired.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

soon the end will here!

for some truly bizarre reason Cameron spent night the meeting people.Gimmick ? This is the problem with Cameron he is trying to be everything to everyone.He aint real,in fact,he is starting to look like Blair in
the final days of his rule over us.The big problem with Cameron is WHO is he?
He is starting to come across as a extremely shallow man.
Maybe its my depression, maybe depression heightens a sense of introspection which is projected onto those individuals who themselves might have might have some deeper emotional trauma.We all see Gordon Brown and we all see the fatal flaws in his personality,but ,this raises the issue of honesty,we tend to turn away from people who display their traumas on their sleeves,Brown becomes more interesting in the light of his struggle with his demons. What we see with Brown is a man struggling with a personality which is not suited to public scrutiny.
Brown becomes more interesting when we understand the mechanisms of power within the British state operates.Brown is confused about the role of power and the changing culture in which this culture operates.Brown represents the last of the old style leaders. Blair set an example in media leadership values.Brown had no way of matching that con trick.Brown is an old style intellectual,leader out of place in an environment he cannot emotionally grasp. In many ways the state doesn't have to change,its the individuals within the structures of the state who must change.But they have to change in that other culture which is becoming more and more dominate within society and that culture is the media.Brown is not yet media friendly.
Browns world is the world of the closed door.MORE LATTR

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

a change in direction

In the media the temperature is rising,the politics is in mad land over drive and sanity is out of fashion its a joke and no one in media land can hear themselves above their hysterical shouting.Its a wild,manic over drive and I'm convinced they ain't on drugs which makes the circus more frightening,if these guys and galls were smashed out of their skulls we would have more insight into the minds of the media freaks.
Now,tomorrow,I'm off to start up business.A charity. a walking,running charity, a fun charity.more on this latter.My friend Richard will be working in partnership with me!!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Drill Baby Drill

Lets here it from the wild west show out there in Gods own country!!Drill Baby Drill.We need to pollute the whole the goddam world if its in the name of God!
Come on Sara Palin lets here it one more time Drill Baby Drill and lets all have a mad hatters tea party and blame Satin and the Muslim conspiracy and all those folks we hate(like the whole wide world)
Crazy Yanks.Crazy Land.Dangerous Empire.
What idiot gave the drilling rights to B.P.? The company with a great history in protecting the environment. Dont get all uppity you folks out there this is profit so shut it!