Wednesday, 5 May 2010

soon the end will here!

for some truly bizarre reason Cameron spent night the meeting people.Gimmick ? This is the problem with Cameron he is trying to be everything to everyone.He aint real,in fact,he is starting to look like Blair in
the final days of his rule over us.The big problem with Cameron is WHO is he?
He is starting to come across as a extremely shallow man.
Maybe its my depression, maybe depression heightens a sense of introspection which is projected onto those individuals who themselves might have might have some deeper emotional trauma.We all see Gordon Brown and we all see the fatal flaws in his personality,but ,this raises the issue of honesty,we tend to turn away from people who display their traumas on their sleeves,Brown becomes more interesting in the light of his struggle with his demons. What we see with Brown is a man struggling with a personality which is not suited to public scrutiny.
Brown becomes more interesting when we understand the mechanisms of power within the British state operates.Brown is confused about the role of power and the changing culture in which this culture operates.Brown represents the last of the old style leaders. Blair set an example in media leadership values.Brown had no way of matching that con trick.Brown is an old style intellectual,leader out of place in an environment he cannot emotionally grasp. In many ways the state doesn't have to change,its the individuals within the structures of the state who must change.But they have to change in that other culture which is becoming more and more dominate within society and that culture is the media.Brown is not yet media friendly.
Browns world is the world of the closed door.MORE LATTR

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