Monday, 24 May 2010

dreams from the cat

Maybe the truth is out at last.Art and Culture sold out to the greed and ugliness of the past 20 years.Bleak and self satisfying cliques formed elitists coalitions in a sickening scramble for recognition from an even more demeaning elite, the stone faces of dysfunctional billion and millionaires.
Brit Art is dead !! An advertising movement created by an arch conservative offered nothing to society The media loved the whole spectacle.It wasn't political,was simply naughty,it was a movement with no sense of history,mostly patriarchal and very suburban and very right ring.Anti intellectual sentiments played into the lazy post modern formula which almost embraced the surface only mentality of "fashion fascism".
In its rush to be seen as being anti elitist Brit Art worshipped at the shit encrusted feet of the old establishment. It offered nothing original except self promotion and new advertising techniques.

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