Thursday, 13 May 2010

same story.No change at the top.

Spent the past few days enjoying the mess of the new politics more like "the big tent"idea.Still the media enjoyed another round of "lets make fantasy exciting.I simply love the way they stand in empty streets imagining what might be going on behind closed doors.
But lets ask ourselves a question,these people got ,almost, everything wrong during the media campaign,that's a fact.Now, how comes they ear still in work?
These creeps attack M.P.s whilst themselves clinging to there creepy jobs.
Self important nerds will have a ball for the next few months making up more gossip,then, hopefully, they may start to vanish into what ever sewer they crawled out from.
Lots of my friend's are depressed because we will have to put up with Big Head Cameron for the next few years.Shit these people dont know what depression is.GET UP AND FIGHT!!
Come on these pamperd creeps should be made mince meat.they are lead by a sad man seeking reality from yhr only job he ever held,and that was"a sales man"Image mangement" soon turns into a nightmare...Watch this space

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