Friday, 7 May 2010

its over for now

So the media party is over.
Is it me,maybe it is me,but if i was member of the Cons i wouldn't be over joyed with last nights results.
They don't get it.Never did never will.They will never, ever ,understand the idea of radical change.Just look them at and cry,not out of pity, rather out of false hope.These Cons wont know what the coming storm will deliver. Arrogance will undo there sense of entitlement.
But look at the media.Its old and past it sell by date.Yet we listen and watch and believe they have some deeper insight into the secrets of the political landscape. The media is more out of touch than the politicians...more on this at a latter.I don't feel as bad as i thought i would feel.The Cons cant be to happy,labour isn't yet dead and the Lib Dems still live in cloud cuckoo land!
Our system isn't, yet, coming to terms with the changing attitudes of the population Maybe the population haven't come to terms with its own ability to effect CHANGE...I don't know I'm tired.

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