Saturday, 29 May 2010

the cat and the diggers

Art takes on a new angle down in Westminster a small group of activists have taken over the so called "Green" and set up a peace camp facing the Gothic Horror called Parliament.Now this is art, this where culture should be heading.A glorious reenactment of Gerald Winstanleys Utopian collective,a group who went by the name of "Diggers" at last art and culture is colliding into a direct confrontation with the elite classes who for the past 15 years have produced only advertising techniques parceled up into a box of wealthy treats.Something wonderful is taking place outside that decrepit monster.Something called chaos,something which disrupts the sensibilities of lorry drivers,public, and politicians,its a true protest and its authentic agit prop!!
A wonderful mish mass of ideology and hand me down propaganda.An improvised adventure playground which seems to know exactly where to aim the shit.Above all this is a dream scape with a mission.It wants to inform the public about US.US the people,we the people who have been sleep walking into our own private nightmares,this is ART and reality.Its a free platform.You may not like it but at least its got guts,naivety,commitmentment,honesty and human dignity.This should be the new direction.
The tourists don't mind it one bit.On the continent they do things differently.Maybe they appriciate the true value of cultueral action.

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