Friday, 21 May 2010

one idea

Three o'clock in the morning and a simplistic fact drifted through the sleepy,dreamy ,anxiety.The Kingdom is ruled by two men who are really very dysfunctional,and ,no matter what their buddies suggest in the media,are not good leaders. Cameron should have walked the election,his ability as a salesman are good,but they are not brilliant. He had an open goal,and missed the opportunity,Why?
Well the media,which had a bad election,wont go into any serious analyses,they didn't get the result they wanted,and now give the impression of floating on a becalmed sea waiting for life support to appear on some distant horizon.
What about Cleeg?In reality he lead his party to a very bad result indeed.Why is there no talk concerning "what went wrong?"The Libs must know they fared badly,one ok performance on tv doesn't make a half decent leader
This love in concerns class and education and privilege,may be the history books will uncover a dirtylittle secret,the deal was done during the second week of the campaign.?

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