Friday, 21 May 2010

the summer of love

This unnatural love affair being played out in the public domain by the over hyper political buddies reminds me of the summer of love.All very dreamy and other worldly.Then along came Charlie Manson and the world turned upside down.Maybe Ashcroft is lurking in the shadows.How does he feel?He spent millions on raving nutters getting into Parliament and wakes up to find hippies in his bed!!Shit this is hell.
Hats off to the toffs.Old money rules again!
Always remember,most hippies where privileged bastards playing at revolution,they slummed in the mud of music festivals and played with drugs in Nottinghill Gate before going home to mum and dad.The reality became to real for them.Now their off springs are making out they are just like us.Indeed some of those off springs are ruling over us..Oh God.Hell really is empty.Its a fine day in the Highlands.Work that one out!

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