Sunday, 27 June 2010

it takes time

it takes time,but the truth is emerging,the budget is a disaster for the poor,we never learn the historical lesson ,the tories only ever look after their own.We only have to look at the make up of the front bench 18 milionaires,15 Oxbridge graduates and 13 educated in private schools, and what did this elite give us? A blood bath on the poor.
This is an ideologically_motivated Gov,with a salesman at the helm,they are plundering the public purse simply to push foreward unaccountable,risk prone,profit driven economic programme....the same programmes which gave us this mess inthe first place.
Simply we need a programme of mass moblisation,forget what we read in the press about the "riots " in Greece,these are mass protests which put fear into the hearts of the elite.
Can this country rise to the challange?
So far the sun and the football have worked its magic and drugged the populance into a sleepy summer day might start to cloud over very soon.We must join the the battle

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