Monday, 5 July 2010

middle england

where do we discover this state of mind,or better still where is this place ,is there a geographical location,an identifiable part of the landscape where we can point to and say "that is middle England"Middle England defines the political debate,it is the political landscape.So what is it?Is it simply the middle classes,if so why not refer to this definition as the middle class rather than some other identity,is it wrong to call middle England "middle class"?By defining a group by their class does the media raise the dreaded class debate,if so would the media understand what class is?middle England is a place out there,but the out there is non seen,it is only spoken about,yet the spoken word seems to undestand what this unseen place represents,middle England is refered to with "understanding"It represests something,but again this something is unspoken and unseen,never the less it appears knowable,but only to those who know it.
Middle England is an invention by which we pass judgement on the country.
But dose it exist?Some one explained to me their understanding of middle England,"its all that is decent about England"what does that mean?

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