Tuesday, 13 July 2010

time to start again

The heat played havoc with my mind,my sleep and my depression!! Yup summer is here and i ain't complaining,why should i its my depression,so for this of you who read this little,please except my apologies.My depression is all about me,what this foul,spiteful,group of elitist bullies are doing to the kingdom is all about us! Soon,a depression will descend on the kingdom and the bullies will say " don't worry we are all in this together" now is the time for the people in the kingdom to tell these privileged millionaires to simply" piss off".They are garbage with no sense of human dignity.Power is what they want and now power is what they have got.
These people will turn the clock back,they know only the values of their own sad lives.Its time to kick shit right back into their nasty right wing faces.
The right is anal retentive,a spite group of little people with over inflated egos for to long this group of third rate bullie boys are cowards and spitful,mini ,Nazis.The right needs to be put on the defensive and the only way to acheive this agenda is by going on the attack!!

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