Tuesday, 27 July 2010

class and the arts

today a group of film makers expressed outrage at the the Coalition for cutting one of their major grant bodies!!Will will what did they expect?Are these luvies not part of the real world?Obviously not,having spent years attacking the hand that fed them(for all the wrong reasons) our luvie Friends must have expected that the Lib element in the coalition would protect from the harsh realities of the real world.Well now is the time to get real,duckies,Liberals are nothing better the Tories in sheep's clothing,this is the problem with the luvie kingdom,they are simple minded fools with over inflated egos,idiots without values.
Surly they didn't expect to live in cloud cuckoo land for ever?
The coming battle will be about class,most of the luvie element are by birth from the same background as their counter parts in the liberal party,they had better get real and stop this "upset"and start making films which reflect reality and not some invented landscape.People are going to suffer,come on down and join the coming storm and stop crying,this is a true class war enjoy the storm and learn about reality

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