Saturday, 17 July 2010

anarchy in Lib Dem/Con Gov...

we see the reality of this deranged Gov,led by a self confessed sales man,we are now having to suffer the truth.The truth is that endless search for meaning,its a painful path to tread,and ho boy are we treading a painful and dangerous path.Perceptions are important in the age of declining post modern ideology, I've always been deeply concerned about "the post modern" its lack of political engagement was always going to welcome the return of regressive political archetypes and impractical social solutions.
corresponding identification is what gels this coalition.Hypocritical credentials are important to present an equal vision of that something called progressive politics.In fact what we are witnessing is a great leap backwards into a regressive recognition of individualism over community values.
Last week the kingdom witnessed the totality of this backward,post modern reality,the Health service is going to be given over to the private sector without any consultation with professional health bodies or with the public.Already this gov is presenting two images to the public,one represents a Gov.with no respect for the public will,and importantly,It throws open the idea that the Gov is afraid of the people.Either way we are in for a very dangerous time.
This Gov is arrogant before it is settled into the real task of hard work.Its elitist background,and ,birth,hasn't prepared the male dominated front bench to the actuality of delivery.In order to govern a sense of reality is needed,this boys club will implode under its class structure, because it is knotted at the hip to its own enclosed ideologies,there is no conceivable method for this class structure to confront the coming storms without resorting to extreme violence.Anarchy does have its positive attributes never the less at rote anarchy can embrace violence and this Gov is showing all the signs of wellcoming a violent confrontation with people whom it percieves as being the other..we are the other

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