Thursday, 29 July 2010

dave in India and more bad news

Dave strolls around in India mouthing off in that awful "I know best "tone much admired by our cringing media,for some reason its to referred as speaking "his mind".He sounds more like an over enthusiastic bully more in love with his ego than having anything of value to say.
So what about this weird trip,what did it achieve?Dave and the chaps have sold India a few bomber jets,which means India can now bomb its own people ,you know those people , people who don't like being kicked off their land,those people who have no rights at all in any part of the so called miracle,people who represent the poorest in the world,people we in the west don't see.
All we see is a replica of our selves,a small elite who suck the the life blood from the land and make dreadful films and are plain greedy.India is a mirage.
And what about our economy?This week the Baltic Exchange Dry released its forecasts and it isn't good,in fact it looks pretty awful.the recent rise in out put was down to the construction industry,ie school building plans and affordable housing. Osbornes cuts have put a stop to that little blip.Seems like Osborne and Dave are sharing the same ego maddness.Problem is we are going to suffer and they wont.Yup we are all in this together!!!

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