Saturday, 5 June 2010

cats in the theatre

Earlier in the day I was asked a very simple question,whats the value of theatre? good question.In today's tinsel town ideology I would argue that theatre is of value.But what meaning does it have? What is theatre in a market driven culture? Does it have meaning?What ritual does it perform if any? I'm going back to talk with this young man, I need to understand why he is asking this important question.
There was mention of "management"Culture and management should not co exist art and management is more suited to this present cultural atmosphere,theres something of the individualistic,conservatism which informs today's discourse around the notion"art".Culture as been consumed into a meaningless concoction of fantasy side shows which appears to embrace any thing under the label of cooperative entertainment
Art and culture are separate enteritis,never the less they should have one over riding ambition in common and that is to question society,even to the point of educating society.Art should be outside the norms and values of the existing elite,even though the elites will attempt to dominate the "outside"Culture is better placed to question the values of the elite.
Culture is fluid,its should reclaim its original meaning,and that is to nurture,Where does nurture fit into the values of today's atomised,globalised societies?Nurture is an act of survival it is also an act of rebellious confusions...More latter Im offto a Carnival jump up!!

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