Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The question is why the neglect from the media?Part of the answer can be found in the mentality of media reporting.Carnival is a resistance to a middle class mind set.When Carnival first appeared on the streets of Notting Hill the area was a slum owned by slum landlords,now its a place of privileged upper class families,who prefer to party in some one elses back yard for instance Reading or Glastonbury,safe havens where the amount of mud in the field is just as important as the musiac being delivered.
Carnival is about disruption,its mindset demands high octane fun and in your face partying,also there is a history of confrontation with authority.And its in this historical context that Carnival and the media has to be viewed.
Carnival is a collective act taking place within an atomised ,cultural ,climate.The participants are not seeking a celebrity exposure,they are enjoying the collective moment.
And remember these are the very people who keep the welfare state functioning,these are the unsung heroes who's art is more authentic than most media driven quest for instant fame and individual self glorification. And these are the people who are about to reap the carnage of the Conservative Coalitions onslaught into the very fabric of our life....

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