Friday, 20 August 2010

TV Culture

Seems like Iv been away for ages I have trying to get my mind around this Government. its time we got real and stop referring to the present bunch of fanatical monetarists as the Conservative Gov.the idea of a coalition is simply stupid and a con.Their concept of culture is balanced by a need to pacify the rising interest of the of "culture" among the young middle class voters.Basically its depply Conservative and doesent show any sign of improving.What appears to de happening is an exceptance of the status quo,what we see now is nothing more than a reash of previous cultural ideas only now they have been coloniesed by this heavy involvment of TV which appears to dominate most of the "debate"around "culture"Its nothing more than old constructs dressed up as something new.Culture becomes nothing more than a gloosy magazine presentation which elevates supposed popular values above experimentation.
The other day I made some attempt at watching the Culture Show on BBC2,it was nothing more than an advert for the Edinburough festival which is nothing more than a tourist attraction.Its value as an event remains unquestionable, and this is a problem,this inability to question is,and must be seen as a dangerous turning point regarding the value and substance of creativity.
Creativity is now associated with fashion and the lastest Hollywood Blockbuster,cultural shows on TV rely on slick presentation and celebratity with the occasonal nod towards "Brit Art".This state of affairs must be a good thing.Culture grows ,TV and media in general represents the influx of money into creativity,this influx undermines the urge to challange,sometimes destruct the values of the prevailing culture,money and presentation bock out any notion of challange.
We must have the couarage to explore and question with the dominance of desire and money hovering in the shadows.Creativity must go underground again.Without the voice of reistance culture will be dominated by a class of indivduals who seek only a gap year of pleasure and cultural tourism with knowing the value of culture...

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