Sunday, 29 August 2010

whats dave up to

the kingdom appears to be led by a man with a serious personality disorder.Dave,our needy leader, gives the impression of a man in need of a life.For some unknown reason he wants the nation to view him as an "action man"and a loving father.The fact he looks a complete idiot seems to have by passed his vanity.Even the slushy photo of him gazing into the face of his new born child doesn't really have the air of authenticity.What is behind the facade?
Well we only need to look at the photos of him jogging with our boys in Afghanistan.Certainly he looks daft,buts its the expression on the faces of the men he is jogging with which gives the game away.Look closely at their gaze.What is amusing is a mixed sense of bewilderment and anger which is in evidence in their looks towards the great athlete they are privileged to be running with.What we don't know is how much this boys own adventure cost the tax payer.Because the guys Dave is jogging with are not your regular "Tommy".No way,those men would have fully pumped up SAS trained killers and they don't come cheap.
Dave running around in a compound somewhere in Afghanistan was a sick publicity stunt.What goes on his head?Theres a bloody awful war going on and He decides to have a jog! He looks oblivious to the reality he is in that moment in time.For Dave its all about "his moment"Its a complete act of Narcissism,he is oblivious to other individuals external existence.He operates with his own inner vision and needs desperately to project that vision of himself onto the outside world.He is a demanding child in permanent need of reassurance.

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