Saturday, 11 September 2010

where now the arts?

Yesterday I heard a Coalition Member talk about funding the Arts in a climate"of Global slow down"..note the terminology"global slowdown"once the Cons referred to Browns recession,now they have stolen power they are shifting the playing field...its not our policy which is going to mess up the kingdom its all the fault of those other factors.
Anyway, this Coalition Member suggested the Arts need to go back to the 1930s!!
Lets take a step back and think what this means.
We already know the Unions are going to be decimated(unless we the citizens rise and take matters into our own hands), so know we ere getting some idea where we are heading.What about the Arts?Indeed lets ask a deeper question, what about culture. Where is this Coalition heading and where is it taking us.
Well the arts really did sell out,if the funding is slashed then I will shed no tears,what we have now is a candy floss culture which sneers at the values of the collective ideals which set out a dynamic map in the 70s/80s.The so called left wing thinkers and writers of those years set out on a path FOR THEMSELVES.
Real cultural activists and writers where pushed to the side,their creative ideas stolen,their radical interpretations trodden on,a sense of permanent resistance mocked,and the arguments and dreams of communities watered down and turned into as spectacle of respectability.
Go look at the South Bank.
Liberalism took over from pure radicalism and embraced the sensations of the free market by peddling guilt rather than deep anger.Style became reality.The book trade took on the culture of a country fair a site of privilege and the collective exclusion of the other in our midst.The corporate mind set dictated the import of a post modern elitism into the the critique of the alter native.There was no alternative,the whole became the business.
Creativity/culture succumbed to the liberal spotlight.If you did not fit into the corporate image you had no way of presenting your values or your ideals.Without the excepted style and liberal guilt your work suffered in a market of conservative evaluation.
The Arts acted as conduit for liberal dissatisfaction.They offered nothing in the way of dramatic cultural transformation.Indeed change is the last thing the Arts want.Only when the political /community is introduced into a cultural determination will the arts be able to revitalise its self .to attack from the outside is the only way to destroy the carnage coming our way.
A wild interpretation of pure radicalism is needed on one hand and a radical reinterpretation of the dynamics of cultural/communnity engagement is needed on the hand.the rejection of the stupidity enclosed within "the Big Society"must be the conservative ideal to be dismantled,then we can start to attack this surface authoritarism called style.Should be exciting times.But dont shed to mant tears for the Arts establishment.theyb are our enimies.

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