Friday, 24 September 2010



I intend to pose many questions without coming to any conclusions,this is a journey of ideas and experimentation,rather like Oval House was,in many respects I want to experiment with conclusions once held dear to me but now seem out dated in so far as they were events only remembered by me at a moment in my own personal,creative suicide(more about this latter).This is an introduction without a map.Its going to be a scatter gun set of opinions and remembered arguments with a good does of dream scape added to raise anger and frustration.Some said to me the other day"we don't seem to do anger no more",it seems a valid observation to me.This reality,this strange frightened world gives the appearance of being out of sync with its own shadows.Anger is reduced to frustration and then violence, there is no room for that space in between,that small space where its safe to express feelings with out appearing unusual
One of the overriding philosophies which drove Oval House to challenge the boundaries of our "elders" was tied up in the belief of the right fail,the right to make mistakes and not have to worry about the impact of the big other,that sense of dominating super ego for ever telling us what we cant or can achieve ,we offerd a place of safty in which the" other" was respected and creativty was was seen as site for challange. We gave leadership simply by being who we where and being there.We were concerned with our status infact we sort to undermine our status in order to give others a sense of being.
My first quistion "Why is that all inclusive theories of economic inevitability
have distracted us from the shift of legitimacy to specialist
and interest groups"
What Oval House never foresaw was the arrival of the non invovled specialist who was hovering just out of sight,waiting in the shadows.People who would arrive and trample on memory and other peoples achievments.We had become distracted by our own sense of direction,but for me the directon was leading to a place without a home ,and for a lot of indivduals the fight to change society had become to much of a bitter night.We exhausted our dreams.
Now is the time to return.The suicide went on to long,the silence of memory contaminates the present.A fight back to reclaim past acheivments and memories begins with a quote from Horkeimer "our consequent incarceration in the "iron cage"
of bureacratic rationalization and technical domination"
It is with this quote in mind,this one isolated little gem that ignites my sense of injustice.I allowed myself to trample on my achievements,that was my action to undo the past,but I do have a responsibility to all those folk who mad Oval House into a dynamic challange against"anything"which came to mind.
Oval was a youth club in a community,we never ever forgot that.

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  1. You might have to keep on with this one Alphie. This is just the tip of the ice berg my friend. Im not sure who you are refering to as far as the oval house. One place comes to mind but I think you are meaning something else. I love that quote from Horkeimer. Although Im going to have to think about that one. Im just a bistander for the moment. Waiting for the lights to go on. So when your ready hun, flick the switch!!
    Carry on.....