Sunday, 12 September 2010

from the mouth of the pig

Have just received a massage from a close friend of mine regarding Kelvin McKenzie him from the runaway Sun days.Kelvin is viewed by the liberal elite and the right elite to be a bit of a "bloke"a diamond geezer sort of guy,you know where you stand with Kelvin,he speaks his mind always up for a joke
Well Kelvin says there is nothing wrong with phone tapping. Now we know.
He speaks the mind of the Aussie boss.The Aussie who is now an American.One time a long time ago an American President got done for phone tapping.
East Germany lived under the boot of a vile organisation who took phone tapping to new heights.Kelvin speaks for a thug who hes no moral compass.The Murdoch Empire,like all Empires exists in a state of permanent paranoia,and greed.

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