Monday, 27 September 2010


Before moving onto the history of alternative theatre I want to continue outlining my thoughts re the "cultural industries"There will be some odd references like "the big other"hope you mind folks,but I will leave this to one side for now,its slightly difficult concept to outline so for now,if you don't mind I'm going to move onto my ideas about re culture.
I'm suggesting that it is in the twin sites of domination and authoritarianism which is the foundation of the core of the cultural industries.My own generalisation is that the cultural industries are rotten at the core.Its a system embraced by a conservative mindset and the values of the corporate state.Its liberal exterior hiding behind a controlling interior, its a dangerous set of systems geared towards monitoring difference in order to set targets and ever more impossible quotas.Administrators define the agenda for creativity and in so doing have created an aura of mass ornamentation. We have come to an age where by the application form is judged higher than the process of creativity.We have entered the age of "The Great Leap Backwards" a term of reference first highlighted by John Ralston in his book "THE UNCONSCIOUS CIVILIZATION"
The authoritarianism secreted within the Post Modern Condition will be come more visible as this introduction unfolds.Irrationanalism is all part of the on going debate re the actions which govern the state of corporate identity and control,its almost akin to a mystical anarchism,we the citizen invest the corporate state with a personality which defies reality.We have allowed administration to acquire a monopoly over all manifestations of our cultural life we are looking down the barrel of a very nasty weapon,because the administration of culture relates to a concept of creative exclusion.


When analysing the rise and decline of cultural movements and radical politics during the 60s,70s,80s through to the cultural hegemony of the Cultural Industries of the 90s and the new century one must be aware of the dangers inherent of revisiting the recent past,more so when we are exploring the problematic of radical politics and radical cultural engagement.There is a danger that ones own "personal"memory becomes problematic.The journalist Melissa Benn writing about Susan Brawnmiller the American feminist suggested:

"Amnesia and caricature, distortion and forgetting are the greatest dangers facing
the history of any radical social movement"

Memory is selective,restrictive and contaminated.When we explore our memory we give ourselves no peace,we are our own memories and in reality we create our own myths.Our experience will never entirely be absorbed by theory and outside observation,but it is a wide open to abuse and obliteration by others who view aspects of the recent past with envy,distrust, and personal ambition by walking over other peoples histories.. I aim to give back the history and the voice to all those groups and individuals whose idealism,creativity,courage,hard work and humanity have been conveniently air-brushed out of reality(history).Eventhier ghots and shadows are nit allowed to contaminate the superficially created inclusiveness and individualism of todays corporative empiness.

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