Sunday, 9 January 2011

on reflection

The sun came out today and London felt a better place.That overwhelming burden of enclosure is gone for a while never the less the mind is creeping into a state of depression,the future gives the impression of a place waiting to destroy me.
This time last year this blog didn't exist,the charity I'm trying to develop,didn't exist,this time last year the first signs of a serious depression began its journey,this time last year nothing existed except the haunting of the past.This time last year was the start of some kind of hell.This time this last year the future held out a poison hand and spat in my face .Now I look into some future and sense fear.
The Thames looks good. The new year appears on the horizon.Its a shadow.
Tomorrow and the months after don't feel good.
Something is going to explode.
The past is calling now start the journey back into the past and into the future.
Where is culture in all this?
Culture is one of the two most complicated words in the English language,its the language of process,do we cultivate in culture?
We are all touched by fire sometime in our lives,today I watched the waves on the surface of the Thames,I watched the sea gulls flying into the wind and diving out of the winds grip. Nature is sometimes invisible. Sea gulls screech the language of the sea. We forget who we are.
Today I realised that all natures predators end up destroyed. All those sea gulls will die soon but the sea gulls will still be screeching at nature when the human race vanishes.
Our dreams will have meant nothing,the ruins we leave behind will mean nothing,the detective who uncover events will have meant nothing and tomorrow I will write about hospitality and Oval House.

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