Wednesday, 6 October 2010

toched by fire..postmodern

"life should have a flow;water which doesn't flow becomes stagnant"

A simple definition of the Post Modern.It is an existence which avoids the conflict between the personal and the political.Post Modernism creates a society without tradition,without past,without continuity,reduced to modernising the already modernised.Absent of feeling,without time and space-just like the inner experience of psychosis.

The Post Modern embraces the Hegemony of the capitalist interests and is, to all intents and purposes,in the grasp of the emotionless,bureaucratic, officialdom,which views "The Great Leap Backwards"to re establish the quota patronage which demands the construction of an all embracing apparatus for the control and direction of art.

Like most of the "new"institutions,the Cultural Industry, without blinking an eye,has presided over a cultural disintegration and social alienation,by embracing the existence of,and reinvention of the BOOK KEEPER.

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