Friday, 8 October 2010

touched by fire ENVY

"The attack for its own sake on the life and goodness of another person is Envy.
In order for the infant to survive, the primordial self directed form of destructiveness has to be dealt with in some way-urgently and immediately.Melanie Klein observed that the first method the infant uses is to direct its hatred of life towards another object that stands for life and liveliness-and especially the object that seeks to keep the baby alive. Such an object is represented in the first instance by the mother,or mote specifically for the infant,the bit of her that it knows best,the breast. This immediate externalisation of the death instinct results in fantasies sucking the life out of something,scooping out the goodness in a form of raiding,stealing,breaking and entering.
In relationship to creativity,Klein's ideas can be seen in the lack of originality expressed via the growth in stealing other peoples ideas...A distressing admission of a lack of individual originality and even more distressing and ultimately self denying and self destructive force is the idea that it doesn't matter....In the end the inner self becomes a site for self loathing.

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