Saturday, 26 February 2011

is this the start of a new movement.

The events,protests,revolutions coming out of the middle east over the past weeks throws light on the possibilities of people power in our own country.These rebellions taking place in other countries should be a warning to the "democracies" of Western dominated capitalism .I don't fully hold with the argument perpetuated by the West,that thus out pouring of peoples power in about a shift towards democracy.Rather these rebellions,are about fundamental rights to work,education.and equality. If anything they are represent the first stirrings of a fight back against the all powerful greed of the ruling elite.
Suddenly people are not only not afraid of the murderous dictators who have been ruling over them,with the backing of Western Democracies,but they are pulling into focus the role of unelected banks and their off shots in dictating how countries and by implication societies should operate.Out of nowhere people have said enough!!Get out!!
The banks and their greed may find the new order will not play by the rules of the old order.
At last people are fighting back.
In this country,which always talks above its weight,we have an unelected Conservative Coalition who have embarked on the dismantling of society in order to implement the discredited values of the free market. The Trade Union Movement is out dated.A once proud ideal is floundering in the past.Its the young,the students, creative minds who are showing how to launch a fight back against the arrogant greed which for so long as been destroying the moral and social fabric of our culture and society.
But the media is almost silent.It sets a right wing agenda then the PM follows.
The kingdom never voted for this onslaught.We have a Gov making up laws on a daily basis,laws which to all intents a purpose appease the city,there by appeasing the banks and there by appeasing there weak but inflated egos.
Its the young who have taken it upon themselves to show what and how greed as corrupted this kingdom.Everything feels old and cruel but the young are leading the way foreword.
Like the whirlwind sweeping through parts of the world we need to embrace that dynamic energy and may bury the outdated notions of democracy into the dustbin where it belongs.

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