Saturday, 5 March 2011

Must be the coming of the New Age

I seem to picking the sponge of unwelcome emotions.In the land of the cultural industries people are unusually tense at first I didn't understand what the anxiety was all about, but late one cold night the truth dawned.Something wicked is coming down the track,something savage and spiteful.Cut backs are a reality creeping ever closer to the front door of most "arts organisations"
Somebody asked me the other day what I thought the Conservatives believed in when the idea of culture crops up in their minds.Its easy to dismiss the Conservative as having no aesthetic values what so ever,they do and they are deep rooted in the culture of mass consumerism which exemplifies middle England. What then is that aesthetic? In its simplistic form you can view it on BBC 4 or BBC 2 or Channel 4 or Radio 4 or the Sunday colour supplements.Its a form of lazy inquisitiveness. A relaxing way to see ones life and hobbies laid out in unworrying formats. Within this comforting spectacle is the values of mass culture for the Sunday morning seekers of identity.
The other Sunday I went over to the Tate Britain to wander around and take in an exhibition. I was in no need of inspiration or challenge, all I wanted to do was wonder and stroll.
Unfortunately I hit middle England in all its damning boringness.On mass they appeared. why?
Maybe the Culture Show recommend something. The Conservatives like their Culture secure and comfortable.To challenge is to awaken some deeper violence. Violence is at the base of middle England's search for security and pleasure.Safety against the unwelcome other lingers at the door way of their homes. Things go bump in the night and this phenomena happens all the time.In order to remain rational Conservative values must have enemies, but these enemies cannot intrude into the reality of a world based on consumption.Middle England consumes and Conservatives wreck.That's the value of the aesthetic which middle England refuses to confront.It must be told what to enjoy.

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