Tuesday, 8 March 2011

starting another "touched by fire"

Intro into another time.1984.If I'm correct this was the year when deregulation became law. Regan and then Thatcher deregulated the banking system and the world was turned upside down.No one knew the rotten devastation that was about to be unleashed on society and culture.
In this country greed started its long march into the conscious of people minds. Individualism began to eat away at the very foundations of collective/community identity. Something new had arrived and people dident really understand the onslaught gathering on the horizones.
Culture was about to implode, never the less deep in the under growth ideas and talk of equality and sexual identity, gender politics and race played themselves out in the field of confrontational politcs. Back then things were raw to the core. We sesed the arrival of something wicked but we couldent articulate the shadows moving into the focus of ideas.
Back then Roz Price hit upon the concept of creating a Carnival Band within Oval House. Back then Oval House was commited to community arts,creative play,improvisation and experimentation. Back then we attempted to encourage challange. And back then we quistioned the very idea of the cultural industries. After all most of us had grapled with Adorno. Back then we were commited to change. Change dident send shivers down our spines. Back then we saw outselves as some sort of welcoming party to age of insurrection. We had expreiance of street theatre and the concept of destruct and construct. We were not afraid of our own egos.
We knew the value of space and its place in within the evolution of creativity. We did things more different then. We welcomed people. Ideas were a challange. we were never conservative.
Back then we were radical and carring. W dident bother with reputation. We did things in another way back then.

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