Friday, 3 June 2011

rush hour in the sun

The pleasure in walking against the rush is a rare excitement.Rush hour and excitement surely this cant be right, but if you walk and take your time simply observing and listening you discover little gems of human behaviour and a surprising amount of good humour. The rush hour comes along twice a day morning and evening. Its a totally new human phenomenon. Humans didn't always have to cope with the rush hour,it came about with the advent of modernity coupled with the need to reach a place of work on time. We are obeying some kind of unwritten rule. The rush hour must be obeyed. So we conform to the unwritten rule and join in the strange migration into the crowd and we follow the same routine. Underground over ground a clockwork tapestry of sameness and the strange thing is we do it even though we dislike it. Its a must do exercises in community dislike. But on the whole people go about this daily routine without much hassle and this is where a good sense of the ridiculous comes. Join the rush and open the mind to the sounds of the rush hour . Don't become some arrogant individual by attempting to be above the crowd. The rush is a form of community gathering signifying we are all in this together. Some how it works.
A whole set of industries we take for grant age have grown up around the need of the rush hour. Sandwich bars ans coffee shops, news paper stores, I'm thinking of mega stores like WH Smiths.
The rush should be taken as a different hobby in relaxing and combating those dreary periods when the day starts in a drab monotone dreariness. I will spend the next few blogs talking about the unusual pleasures to be found in the rush.

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