Thursday, 23 June 2011

walking before returning

I'm trying to dig deep into a very tired mind, the past week have been "messy". Times are changing, modernity led us to believe we lived in a time of progress, a path towards the mythical Utopia. One of the more demanding pleasures in walking comes about when we revisited aspects of our historical selves caught in a fleeting shadow. We see what we thought we must have known only to discover a surge of disorientation,intoxication and loss of identity.
I walk along the same path in the knowledge of rediscovering what was, and is lost. We only ever go back in time in our minds. The experience of times past can transform into a lust for nostalgia.
We live in backward times in a space where what was thought buried is back with us.Politically this should become the age of resistance. When I walk I DREAM and seek the answers to questions I never thought I would believed I would need to seek. Nothing integrates on these walks. The sense of alienation only heightens what in reality I already understood. We don't have control over the external madness embedded in a system called Capitalism. There is something of a negation in the role of Capitalism with our physic.... I need to think my mind is tired. Be back very soon.

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