Tuesday, 16 November 2010

been away and coming back

been away for a while,living in hope that the idea of resistance to the savagery of this Government's assault on the poor might be coming under some direct action from the young/students.Last week 50,000 students took part in a well organised demo which ended in an attack on the offices of the Tory Party.Then some nut took into its head to throw a fire extinguisher from the roof of Millbank Tower into the crowd below.
Of course the media went into over drive,which is to be expected,sometimes I live in hope.
The following night I slept out rough on Spitafields Market in support of Centre Point and its campaign to help young homeless people who will be sleeping rough over Christmas. It was cold,windy and damp.350 people turned up to support the event.Most of these people were young people.It felt good,it felt like the young where finding their voices and leading the fight back.
Then today we have the news that this Kingdom will be having a royal wedding some time next year.All day long the media have been standing outside the big House talking about a united nation.Will be back tomorrw with toched by fire!!

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