Sunday, 28 November 2010

resistance..Touched by Fire 2

another demo on Wed.Is this the start of a inevitable processes of resistance to a political/cultural disruption which may bring about a new dimension of Utopian idealism? young people,students are leading the campaign against a political elite which is now way out of touch with the reality of every day life and attitudes. We are forced to believe that the age of "mass" mass air travel,mass supermarket expansion,mass advertising compensates for the corruption of a financial system which is all but out of control.A system which reduces countries to poverty is nothing short of criminal.But we might be witnessing a"cut through moment"where by character-defence arguments which for the past decade forced us to believe nothing could be done,a system which wanted us to withdraw into conformity and privacy is about to turned on its head and the old hypocritical way of living is coming under attack from group of young people who had been written off as lazy and self indulgent.This is an unfinished revolutionary moment.
The 60s "radical movements2where more to do with a form of street theatre functioning at a level which attacked the pre war accord and emphasised the idealism of hedonistic youth over the society of our out mod ed cultural attitudes.
Under the guise of a deeply unpopular war the young took to the streets to advertise their new found self confidence,in many ways this out pouring of individual as against collective identity open the doors for the new right to enter on to fertile ground laid down by the demos of the anti war movements.
France was and is a different argument,although I will be arguing at a latter date,that we now have a great deal to learn from the French idea of "the street".
The sixties youth rebellion was self defeating because it tended to be ignorant of political and economic realities,it was to headlong in its rejection of the past and indiscriminate of Western traditions.
Today's student/young people are fully aware of the impact the banking system as had on their futures.They are attacking the fabric of a complacent political ideology which appears to hold most people in contempt.

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