Wednesday, 1 December 2010

students setting the pace

Keep being waylaid by the resistance of the young and the students.And i keep wanting to start writing about creativity,but politics and creativity should sing from the same song sheet. What is happening on the streets of London and other English cities proves the richness of direct action.Earlier in the day I ask a 30 something young man who teaches theatre at the Arts Centre I will be talking about if he would be supporting the student Demo,this simple question open up a gulf between my generation,the new generation and his generation.What I received was an excuse about why demonstrations don't work.And they only function on a platform of middle class angst.He cited what he believed to be "failed" demonstrations.Missing out on the obvious realities of what most demonstrations achieve in the long haul of street struggle.
This,present,activity among students and school children is proving extremely successful. One the one hand they are high lighting the retaliatory methods of an over zealous police force who fell it right to kettle children for hours in the freezing cold whilst claiming they are protecting human rights.Well they are nit protecting human rights they are protecting property.
But the important point of this resistance is the ability of the students to articulate the lies told to them by members of the Conservative Coalition The Lib Dems signed a pledge to abolish student fees.This is the argument.A political party lied through its teeth in order to gain a stronger foot hold in the political establishment.Once they achieved the objective all considerations and obligations and promises where scatted to the winds.
The media allowed his to happen,under the banner of a new politics the media simply informed the public that this coalition was the only way forward for the country and "hard"decisions had to be taken in order to achieve the necessary objectives which the coalition laid out in its plans.
Well lying to the voters may be a good way to govern the country foe a tired elite but for a large group of people who voted on the belief that a signed pledge was binding this out dated arrogance simply is not good enough.
These Demos have servely damaged the party who made the promises,they haven't a clue what to do except accuse anybody who doesn't agree with them that "they don't under stand"that's the problem the students do understand so much so that they now have this Coalition on the ropes.
Also,the students are using very creative tactics to out maneuver a police force which looks confused about what it should be doing.This police force is very good at kettling young people but it doesn't appear to be able to achieve much else.
The day was freezing cold,with snow and ice cold winds adding to a picture of chaos and confusion.Some times the combination of ice cold wind and blistering snow made it difficult to observe just what was going on.But I'm glad to have been there for a while.

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