Monday, 13 December 2010

touched by fire...IAN HINCHCLIFF

Today Judy Knight "ARTS ADMIN " informed me of the death of the unique Hinchcliff.He appears to have drowned whilst fishing in America.Hinch..was truly brilliant,wild,dangerous,unpredictable,annoying,self disruptive,completely nasty,loving and a true friend. He is a legend and a myth.A great artist who was punk before punk,in fact the Sex Pistols ,so it is rumored were afraid to appear with him on stage,this is one of the many "stories" surrounding the wonderful Hinch.
He was completely and utterly individualist, completely anti authority.
He was a good musician and a great story teller,unfortunately Hinch was a one off he left behind only the memory of his wild imagination.
He will be appearing more on this blog.His performances created havoc, joy, fun , and a splendid sense of having been in the presence of some screaming with emotional pain.
He cut himself on stage before cutting oneself became a performance of necessity. See yer my long lost Friend

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