Monday, 27 December 2010

goodby to the season of greed

its coming to a close,the season of greed is at last entering its final days,and,at last it would appear that the public are becoming awear of the utter awfulness of this Coalition experiment.
I'm still amazed how this chaos is being played out in the media.Most commentators speak about the public wanting a coalition.I don't think so,I don't know of anyone who went into the pooling booth and voted for a coalition..its a stupid assumption but there again we have stupid media.
BUT on a pleasant note,today I wandered over to buy a book in my favorite second hand bookshop,just off Russell Sq. The name of the bookshop is SKOOB. What I was seeking out is a book telling the story of the Highland Clearances,one of those books I buy then lose.
Igot talking to the guy who owns this wonderful shop.We spoke about the Highland,the West Coast and various other magical places off the beaten track.
It transpired He used to stay in the same tiny cottage I used to stay in,a marvelous little place that sat on the edge of the viaduct spanning the glen across Glanfinian.A dream wonderful to find the person who runs one of the best book shops in London also enjoyed the magic of that little bothy.

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