Sunday, 19 December 2010

xmas and touched by fire

Sorry to keep everyone waiting re Oval house but I got a bit diverted on other matters even so "these other matters" are related to the project in hand.The politics in the Kingdom of greed will over the coming years become bitter and divisive.The country is heading into a unknown destination without a plan.Our strange league of men are on a path with only one objective self seeking glorification driven by a warped agenda made up by bankers and even more warped out of touch Etonians and their Elite.
We are confronting a group of men who don't have a clue where we are going. BUT as long as they sense they are at the forefront of history,as long as they fulfill their weak idealisation of the self the whole Kingdom will suffer.
The experiment we are being subjected to will not go any where.
But its time the cultural class started to join the movements which will and are slowly starting to wake up to the awful onslaught which is all part of the war being waged on people.As iv said this is not a planned attack this is simply being carried out by weak cowards.
The Arts world is silent 'more concerned with its own persona.its own new found celebrity.
It is wake up time for the Arts in the Kingdom of Scum and Greed. The box ticking days and comfort parties are past.

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