Tuesday, 2 November 2010


"The figure of the "flaneur "pre figures that of the detective.The "flaneur" should find social legitimation for his behaviour.It suits him perfectly to see his indolence presented as a facade behind which the sustained attention of an observer never letting his eyes off the unsuspecting criminal"

"The "flaneur"emphasises the individual.The "flaneur" indulges in non rational pleasures"

Baudelaire was sometimes forced to compose his poetry while walking.

Flanerie is more specific than strolling.It is a spatial practice of specific sites; the interior and exterior public spaces of the city.These include parks,sidewalks,squares and shopping arcades or malls.
Flanerie is public and "other"directed.The Flaneur is out to be seen.The crowd is the audience.Flanerie is a"crowd practice" the art of doing crowd behaviour.

The Stranger is thus a foreigner who becomes like a native,where as the flaneur is in ones time and home is most probably a virtue.More than this,it is a state of melancholic grace opening up the vistas on the human lot.

The "flaneur"is like a detective seeking clues who read peoples characters not only from the physiognomy of their faces but via a social physiognomy of the streets. The image and activity of a " flanerie " is tied to the emergence of the popular genre of the detective novel and also the literary practice and social justification of labour time of journalists who,like the "flaneur",put their observations both for sale on the market and wish to pursue their own purposes.

Forests are never virgin,except metaphorically.
The fuller implication of this term is that land or forest in question is unclaimed or unconquered within the the discursive formation of European expansion.


  1. Enjoyed your post, and wondering if you're planning on going further with the flaneur/detective relationship. I'm intrigued (and a bit confused) so far... Would be great if you could develop the idea. I'll update this post http://virtualdavis.com/blog/flaneur-detective if/when relevant. Cheers!

  2. sorry about the delay in replying I have got to much on but things are getting quite.yup I will be following up on these ideas very soon..