Wednesday, 28 April 2010

crashing down fast

The other day i was strolling around Euston Station watching people spending money in the vast shopping complex which calls itself the terminal,good description for the future i thought.Something is not right.This is collective addiction.We are hot wired to plastic and spending like crazy just wait until the party closes its doors and we are left with nothing except our unfulfilled desires.Addiction is a killer. Before it strikes addiction allows us to participate in a delusion of displacement activities.What most people don't know about addiction is, it knows how to wait. Its a silent assassin.
We are spending in the hope that tomorrow will never arrive.Unfortunately tomorrow does arrive and in this case our whole being will be turned upside.Will we know what to do when we wont have the money to spend on goods we could afford last week but cant afford this week.Don't call on lady luck our luck is run dry.Have we really become a culture addicted to commodity?If we have then we are heading for a mental health car crash.There is no short cut out of addiction,you cant master it .Addiction takes over your whole life.Its not a minor aliment .Its life in some kind of desperate hell.
Maybe I'm being pessimistic but my take on this crises coming our way is we have misjudged the culture which this England has embraced over the years.Being hot wired into commodities we don't need is the path into addiction.The crack up might be silent,but its going to be awful and cruel,like depression addiction induces silence in the individual who is going through a very personal horror trip.We still don't have a clue in this country about the silence of deep emotional suffering people endure.
Economics is cruel ,its a rapacious beast,we have brought into the image of the beast,the party was all part if the shadow left by the beast,now people will be devoured by the monster.And the wise men and women who created this monster our smirking at our discomfort.They really have got away with something morally repugnant and we the people let them eat their cake and spit out into our faces...Lets start getting real..The road from addiction is painful and its a wake up call.."And God Sent Noah The Rainbow Sign No More Water The Fire Next Time"


  1. from brenda b its an animal world out there an dthings are going to get worse keepgiong b

  2. tell us more about addictuon are we all going to end up nuts! bring on the revolution.Tommy

  3. bob got your message still dont know why you cant contact this blog

  4. revolution is born of shame-is that Regis Debray?-we are fkn nuts already Tom eh.
    'Democracy'as the they bandy it is a'rigged market'CNN,Fox the m-doch poison etc.etc. keeps us stupid-what do they say 'the farmer keeps us poor,the parson keeps us stupid'