Friday, 23 April 2010

Culture in a dark time

Whats going to happen to our cultural industries?Look around.Any bets on the cons introducing entrance fees!Lets face it the party of change ain't noted for its brains,excepting the one thing that's gets them going money.Nope folks they ain't changed its just our stupid Media doesn't do its job by asking the simple questions, like what would the new Cons intake really like to implement when they start hacking away at our living standards.We know they like the extreme right wing parties in Eastern Europe, that's modern approach! The kingdom is sleep walking into a very nasty future and we set on our hands and hope.Don't get fooled folks this is not about TV debates this is about our whole society and culture.The Cons and the new intake represent the GREAT LEAP BACKWARDS.We are moving into a very dark time indeed.

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