Saturday, 24 April 2010

long night in cradle land

Its been a long night, its strange ,i know whats coming but nothing prepares the soul in coping with the loneliness and emptiness,this is what i mean when i talk about "sameness" the bleakness hangs around and another day beckons.
I should be used to this existence but that's part of the illness.Its not about being prepared its about coping,or sometimes hiding away from the happiness of other people.Its a losing battle trying to beat the beast,or as i sometimes refer to this thing "the twin" it hovers around lurking like a phantom from some long forgotten Gothic story.
Talking Gothic a little realisation came to me during my hours of staring into nothingness,if one wanted to get into the mind of our greedy masters,if you really wanted to understand the repressive psychosis of those people who view us as simpletons,read the first pages of American Psycho,one of the great American novels,a book which explores the depths of human illusions, loneliness and pure unreconstructed greed.Those people who operate in the kingdom of greed may suffer serious mental disorders yet the political and media establishment actually take on board the words of these deranged, unreconstructed, psychos, which isn't at all surprising when the truth is out.
Most of the professionals in the echo chamber of power are vain,bullying,deceitful,paranoiac unscrupulous, and vengeful.
I include Cleeg and Cameron in this list villains not just Brown...looks like a cloudy overcast day today....

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