Friday, 23 April 2010

in a dark time at 3am

3am,that's the wake up call the time when the mind is invaded by the gloom of a self laceration and hopeless self doubt,things don't change in the early world of Cats Cradle.Two more hours before daylight and then the real,confrontation gets going.The ceiling looks unchanged,there again so does the darkness.
Whats going on in the Kingdom of mediocrity.Well looks like our frenzied Media is looking towards at Greece and panic starts to sit in.Oh dear.Come on Dave the change lets hear it from you my man Is "broken Britain"going the same way?"
Surely the party of change must have some idea on what to do,could ask such modernising minds like Eric Pikles we need more modernisers in like Pikles.Something is going on in my haed something like a nuclear war,how the hell can we listern to sush stupid drival from a party which hasent changed.Stop. Thats bullshit .The party of change has changed.Its even more dangerous than ever. Its even more crapped out then ever.The big society is a big joke more suited to the middle england version of 1950s village life than the harshb realities of life in the Kingdom of greed and mediocricity!Get real folks we are really looking into the viod of the great leap backwards!God who gave me depression? Life did sucker

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