Saturday, 24 April 2010

times dont feel like changing

Its not feeling good my twin is back in haunting mood the depression is going to have another joy ride and take me to the edge once again,I tell myself to enjoy the good periods when they arrive. Now a disjointed past keeps reappearing and the nervous system is back in attack mode.I keep trying to cling to a fleeting moment in the present,I try to hold on to a brief moment in this space before the twin kicks in and some kind of sleep rolls over the mind.It wont be a good sleep ,never is.Some kind of hell walks the twilight zone.Before I go an idea about health flashed into the mind and rekindled a dormant anger(anger is part of my depression more about this some other time),anger stimulates the brain.
I hear from politicians that they are going to cut back on waste in the public services.What is waste? Are these out of touch fantasists referring to people?Are people going to become waste.Lets get real !What is going on in the minds of economic "experts" and the weirdos who believe they have a right to rule over us.If these bully boys and girls are referring to people let them say.People will suffer, that's what Osbourn implies when he says we are all in this together.NO WE AINT.
Cameron talks about tinkering with some notion re parties electing a new leader,Cameron always comes out with a sound bite when he senses he is being left behind.Will here's one for you "Dave"Why not employ a chancellor who as done just a little bit of work in the past, not a friend born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
People will suffer,good people,honest people whilst the kingdom of greed goes on in its merry way treating honest people like dirt.
People will get angry one day, in the meantime a whole lot of people will become depressed That's the cost of waste in the waste land of political privilege.people might not take the medicine in a way the "experts "might hope.In a dark time the eye begins to see.
Depressionis hell sometimes it does open the doors of perception.Something is not rihgt in the Kingdom of sleep.

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