Saturday, 24 April 2010

last one thought

before I vanish into the sameness of the depression one last thought about the spirit of the age.Even with this illness i can still attempt to reach deep inside my dull spirits and touch the warmth of other peoples sensibility. What i cant touch or feel is an appreciation,that something truly original is taking place in the political landscape.Lets put the media to one side.Everyday we are situated with the idea of newness.Its a played out gimmick.Nothing is new.Its all a repeat of things past.The only difference being is there is more of the same ,and that same is called choice.There is no land mark experience in our politics.
Its in this idea of "sameness"wrapped as difference,that the real conflict is being played out.Change is a slogan which is vacuous,just look at Obama.A tide is not yet running through the Kingdom,its only a trickle, an invention for the moment.Our masters don't want change. The Kingdom of Greed certainly doesn't want change.We are witnessing an illusion.
A person with depression is under no illusion.Its real.Its life in the raw.
If we are true to certain basic principles of democracy,society,culture we must confront a reality.
England is no longer a world power.
There is no such fantasy as an enemy within.
Bring all our troops home now.
Ban all nuclear weapons from these shores.
And bring criminal proceeding against those greed merchants who destroyed the lives of decent people.
After thought:When some jerk of a banker rambles on about leaving this country,kick em out immediately.They aer nothing more nothing less than inefficient greedy,scumbags with the morals of a rat...See that's depression for you,it heightens the sensibilities of the mind

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